Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Summer Girls by Mary Alice Monroe

 I began reading The Summer Girls when I decided I needed a light summer read. I checked all three books out of our public library's digital collection and raced right through them on my iPad.

This series is quite predictable. Three half-sisters, best of friends in their youth, have gone their separate ways and barely keep in touch. Their paternal grandmother convinces them to join her at the beach house where they spent a lot of time as little girls. She is growing old and knows her days on the beach are numbered. It is her hope that she can reunite the girls.

All three girls come from very different places, and all intend to only spend a weekend. However, circumstances prevail, and as you can guess, they all are convinced that they should spend the summer at the beach.

Predictable? You bet! All three girls learn about themselves, quit drinking, exercise, get their act together, fall in love (either before or after getting their act together), and, in the end, save the beach house. To make the ending even happier, their grandma also falls in love, and the whole story comes together with an incredibly happy, hokey ending.

But if you're looking for a light, fun, summer read - with a very happy ending - this trilogy is perfect for you.