Monday, February 2, 2015

Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher

On a recommendation from several of my book club members I began reading Almost Perfect by Brian Katcher.

This book tells the story of high school senior Logan, and the new girl in his life, Sage. As Logan becomes more and more crazy about Sage, she becomes more mysterious. Just as he begins to think her parents might be mistreating her he finds out the truth: that Sage is really a boy.

Logan immediately pushes her away, but he feels so drawn to her that he decides he would like to be friends. As they dance around this idea of being friends/dating while Logan deals with the fear that liking Sage makes him gay. I think the best we get from Katcher's book is the continual conversations Logan has with himself. This discourse helps readers become familiar with transgender issues.

At times difficult to read, Almost Perfect does a great job taking on a tough issue and laying everything out for the reader. Overall I thought it was an excellent book.